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Neck Downs & Enlarged Bore Tips

Neckdowns involve a reduction of the OD with the bore of the tube remaining constant, and are often used as an intermediate step to facilitate location of marker bands or other features in many medical tubing components. Precise external and internal geometric configurations are designed for consistent and reliable fitment to other components and require an accurate, repeatable process to be formed perfectly.

Internal tip features such as an enlarged, stepped bore, whilst maintaining the extruded OD, are possible with our tight-tolerance in-house processing equipment.

Enlarged ID Bore tip
Neckdown medical tube tip forming
Enlarged ID Bore tip
Neckdown medical tube tip forming
Our Products

Medical tube components made to your specification

All the medical extrusions we source are produced in Class 8 clean rooms in accordance with ISO 13485:2016.

Precision custom die tooling for tube tip forming is nickel alloy or hardened stainless steel polished to a mirror finish. Dies can be non-stick coated for processing certain thermoplastics.

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